OptioNewton's objective is to;

  • help make understanding options simpler,
  • provide tools that transform the myriad of options information available
    into graphic formats that can be more easily understood,
  • illustrate strategies to help minimize downside risk while maintaining a
    relatively large upside profit potential,
  • eventually provide a forum for option strategies discussion so we can
    all be more successful investors.

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Why Options

The myth is options are very risky. In reality, although they can be confusing and difficult to
understand (and they can be risky if not used properly) they can actually be used to reduce the
risks associated with investing in stocks. The fall of the stockmarket late '08 and early '09
illustrates just how risky even mutual funds, which are run by professional money managers, can

It's often difficult to know which direction the market is heading at anyone time. Actually it's very
close to a 50 50 coin toss. We've all been in a situation where we bought a stock we think is
heading up only to watch it drop immediately after the purchase. The reverse is also true, ie,
selling a holding only to watch the stock pop immediately after the sell. There are option
strategies that can provide a profit no matter which direction the market goes and help to
minimze sleepless nights.

There are many sites on the web from which to gather raw options information. Many of them
offer strategies information and even simulators to test a chosen strategy. However, they can be
expensive for the occassional user and assimulating the data and running simulations can take
a large amount of time. In the end they may not help in determining the optimal strategy for the
acceptable risk profile. This site should help simplify understanding and trading options.
Although it is geared for the less experienced options trader, it should help get up to speed on
more complex strategies fairly quickly as well.

This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. OptioNewton is not a financial adviser or a
brokerage firm and assumes no liability for any options trading based on any of the content of
this site.
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